Our extensive range of aluminium decking offers architects and engineers alike, a wide range of profiles to suit an array of requirements such as load bearing capacity, performance and appearance. These can be purchased in standard lengths or bespoke, cut–to-size lengths. Additionally, in most cases aluminium decking can be supplied ex-stock.

ABL Grated tread plate decking is suitable for a diverse range of applications and has previously been specified for use across a spectrum of sectors such as: transport, factories, portable maintenance applications and power stations.

ABL Grated tread plate decking features a special combination of punching and embossing which ensures safe walking in all directions, excellent water drainage and easy cleaning. The small inside dimensions of the punched holes of 10.5×10.5mm prevent larger sized parts, (eg. bolts and keys etc.), from falling through the grating planks.

Additionally, our Grated tread plate decking is 100% recyclable and is maintenance free. For more information on how ABL Grating decking can enhance your architectural application, please see our product benefits page.